Ventry Care Homes looks to meet and exceed the standards of care set out in the Health and Social Care Act 2008’s “Essential Standards of Quality and Safety” and we are regulated by an independent body the ‘Care Quality Commission’ (CQC)…

The Care Quality Commission inspects all registered care homes and completes an in-depth reports on the care provided. Our inspection reports are kept in the manager’s office or the reception area of our homes. They can also be viewed directly at the Care Quality Commission’s website

Our Regulator inspects our care homes regularly. After each inspection they use the information they have collected to decide how they are going to rate the service provided by the care home.  Our Regulator has rated our homes as:

“Aronmore has weathered the most unprecedented of times and pressures that have not befallen the sector since it’s inception. We have done so with the safety and best interests of our residents and our staff team at the forefront of what we do. However during their most recent inspection of Aronmore, the Care Quality Commission found areas where we need to make changes. We now wish to move forward with positivity and we are determined to provide the very best care. So we’re taking this report extremely seriously and are in the process of making all the required improvements to return Aronmore’s long standing Good rating.”