If you are a caring and believe you can support people to achieve that extra quality of life then we will be pleased to hear from you.

To care for or support people it is first necessary to care about people.  A care job is not just about doing things for people its also about encouraging them to do things for themselves.  Helping older people to continue to do what they can for themselves is an essential part of our work. Care work is not simply about undertaking tasks for people, its also about encouragement, motivation and helping to ensure that anyone for whom we provide a service has as fulfilling a life as possible.

1. Obtaining An Application Form

We require all job applications to be submitted on our standard application form. You may attach a copy of your CV if you wish.

You can download a copy of our application form here.

2. About The Application Form

Your application form is an important part of our selection process. It will be used, to decide if you will be selected for interview (to see how well you follow instructions and if you have the right mix of knowledge, skills and experience), in the interview (we may ask you more about your previous experience etc.), for checking information with your referees, as a basis for the contract of employment (so it must be accurate as far as possible), as a pre-employment health-screening questionnaire to establish if the vacancy is suitable and employment can be offered.

Please complete all sections, read the declaration at the end before you sign it. By doing this you are saying that everything you have written is accurate to the best of your knowledge and belief, and you wish to be considered for the job on this basis.

3. References

You will be required to supply two references. One of them must be from your previous employer, training scheme co-ordinator or college tutor. The other can be from either a work or a personal referee. If you have not worked before please nominate two people who have known you well for some time (not family or relatives) and who can make informed comments. Remember to ask permission to use people as referees.

Your referees will be asked to verify information in your application and whether they have any knowledge of any criminal convictions.

Any offer of employment will be subject to receiving two satisfactory references.

4. Criminal Convictions

Our vacancies all involve working with frail or vulnerable people. To protect them, all posts are exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. This means that you are not entitled to withhold information about criminal convictions that would otherwise be deemed to be ‘spent’.

Please note that your referees will be asked if they know if you have any convictions.

5. Where To Send Your Application

Return your signed application and any associated documentation to the named contact in the home to which you are applying as detailed in the job advert on the website.

Training and Development

At Ventry Residential Care, we believe that our most valuable asset is our care team. We have a dedicated induction and training manager who works with all our staff to firstly help them to identify their potential and then to support each individual to reach their full potential.

All of our staff are initially supported through our Common Induction Standards Workbook and are issued certificates of achievement as they reach each of the goals set.

Once complete staff enter into a Personal Development Plan which identifies their strengths and weaknesses and sets out an achievement action plan. This Personal Development Plan is reviewed periodically and staff are supported until they are working to their full potential. In all cases we try to ensure all our care staff are educated to an NVQ level 2 status and that our senior care staff reach an NVQ level 3 status. Additionally we identify when specialist short courses are required to meet the changing needs of my residents. This then enhances the skill and knowledge of our staff so that they are motivated, engaged and able to provide the best quality care to our residents. Our employee supporting framework is set out to ensure our core principles of Care, Comfort and Compassion are promoted each day.