We extensively provide for those persons with dementia. We have been supporting people with dementia for many years and have built a strong reputation for high quality care. Our care staff are trained with specialist skills and knowledge and our homes are accredited to provide dementia care and are registered with the Commission for Social Care Inspection.

We can also provide for those persons with mental health needs at both Ernest Dene and Brownlow Residential Care Homes.

We understand the specific needs that residents may have, including disorientation and memory loss. Providing care for those suffering from the many forms of dementia takes dedicated and skilled staff to be able to manage the many ways dementia can effect a person.

Our care-staff have been specifically trained to be flexible and look beyond the dementia and recognise the unique individual person within.

Our care plans include all of the key elements required to help improve the daily life of people with dementia. A person centred plan of care is drawn up with specific acknowledgements of a resident’s mental health needs. We assess how a resident’s lifestyle can be enhanced in the home and design a variety of activities to provide stimulation and promote independence.

Our approach to caring for and supporting a person with dementia means that we see the person with dementia as a person, first and foremost. Everyone has their own experiences, abilities, skills, knowledge, preferences, desires and personality, regardless of their illness and the way it affects them. We believe that everyone experiences the condition differently and therefore the support we provide is sensitive and appropriate to the individual person to enable people to continue live their life with dementia and not just an existence.

Your Past

The experience of dementia is different for each person. Having some knowledge of an individual’s life history helps us to understand the person behind the condition. The more we understand about a resident’s past the more effectively we can plan for their future. To this end you are also welcome to download and submit our family “Family Questionaire” and our “Keeping Active Plan” to help us understand our residents past and present such as what excites and interests them to how they like their tea in the morning. The smallest piece of information can be invaluable for us to ensure the daily enjoyment of each resident.


We try to adapt the living environment around the person. Our bedrooms are personal and private and our residents and their families make them their own by bringing in personal items such as photographs and other familiar things.

To help reduce any confusion or disorientation, particularly important with dementia care, we ensure that signs are clear and correctly oriented and that resident’s rooms are clearly marked. We also provide a number of points of interest and areas that provide interactive stimulation both inside our homes and in the gardens. We also utilise appropriate colours and lighting.

Keeping Busy

Helping people with dementia to remain physically and socially active has a positive effect on their happiness and contentment. All our homes have Activity Champions who work with our care team to make each day worthwhile and fulfilled for our residents. Often we use reminiscence work and other therapies such as our new resource “The Daily Sparkle” to draw on happy memories, gardening, baking or gentle exercise.


We actively discourage the use of medication to control the so called behavioural and phsychological symptoms of dementia. Where such medication is needed it will only be prescribed by a doctor and with the involvement of relatives.